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Summer Packing Essentials

Summer Packing Essentials

July 07, 2018

It's SUMMER!! We've passed the 4th of July, and you know what that's time for a getaway trip! 

Planning a last-minute trip to Vegas? Need a beach weekend? Going abroad? Maybe you're taking to the streets of NYC for your BFF's bachelorette party. 

No matter where you're jetting off to, you'll have to narrow down your full closet into just a few choice outfits. Having trouble sorting through all your favorite brands and looks? We've got you covered with your summer trip staples! 

1. The Go-To Shoe

 Space can be tight when you gotta fit into one carry-on suitcase. So save room for an extra dress and pack 1 pair of shoes that matches everything! Cute enough for a night out, casual enough to walk the streets on an impromptu shopping spree. When your feet are walking in style, you'll be set for the entire trip. 

2. Basic Blouse and Jeans

Every gal needs the day-to-day wear, even on a summer adventure! Pack a light, airy top with a pair of white jeans to make the perfect midweek casual outfit. Packing the basics can take you from the boardwalk to a class reunion in just 2 pieces. And since, you've got your go-to shoes, you'll be set to take to the town in no time!

3. #LBD 

Basic black. A flirty cutout. High collar to demand attention. What more do you need for your night life outfit? You can't pack for vacation without a dress made for #GirlsNight. Choose your favorite LBD to dress up or down, and you'll be set for dinner with family...and a night on the Vegas strip. 

4. Totes Needed

Girl's gotta have her bag! Let's be real, can we go anywhere without our favorite travel bag? Choose something big enough to pack some extra water and your phone, but cute enough to take out to any occasion. Basic colors like tans and whites are perfect for summer trips, and will last you years. Soon, you won't be able to leave the house without it! 

5. Rainy Day Prep

When it rains, it pours...and you never know when it will! Never pack for a trip without a backup rain jacket! Avoid the tacky yellow ponchos of last-minute desperation, and plan ahead with stylish rain protection that you can pack on every trip! 


Before you jump in the car and head to paradise, make sure you've got your summer trip staples! Even the basics can be in your favorite styles, and you can find them all at Three Sisters Boutique in Williamsburg. Share your summer looks with us on Instagram and Facebook @shopthreesisters


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