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Off To College

Off To College

August 12, 2018

Prepping your wardrobe for college can be almost as stressful as applying to college! What should you take? What should stay in your closet at home for Mom and Dad to bring later? What do you really need to buy? You are supposed to be saving money but you really want that new off-the-shoulder top for your first college party! Packing for school can be a breeze when you have a few staples styles to make a statement: 

A Simple Dress


Pick a flattering look that can go from internships to rush parties. A basic white dress paired with a denim coat screams Americana while adding some sparkle makes it a perfect party glam. One staple dress will take you through all 4 months of the fall semester, with new looks to spare! 


Channel college transportation with a scooter print jammie! Cozy enough for being comfortable for late night studying and stylish enough for late night dorm pizza parties. You may say pajamas aren't fashion, but when you find yourself scrounging through old T-shirts, you'll be glad you brought a look stylish enough to grace the halls with. 

A Good Pair of Jeans

Whether you go with a distressed look or a classic dark denim, your dorm closet will thank you. Jeans that will last you through all 4 years of school are a worthwhile investment and a fashion staple that pairs with almost anything. Snag a pair ankle-high to show off your favorite sneaks or cute summer sandals. 

Go-To Tops


Now, this is a fun one, whether it is the off the shoulder or asymmetrical look, Make sure you have your fave party top for unexpected Sat. nights on the town, but also snag your go-to comfy top for the morning after and winter study sessions. There's nothing better than rolling into the new school year with a fresh haircut and a chorus of "I love your outfit!" 

Party Skirts

Saturday nights can be dressed up or down depending on the theme and mood of your party. But take a simple black bodycon mini and you'll be set for every weekend while packing light! Add sparkles for class, leather jackets for sass, and match any shoes to suit your style. 

Shoes to Spare


Shoes, Shoes, and shoes. You can never bring too much footwear. Packing for school means anticipating almost every situation you could dress for, and every one calls for a different pair of shoes to match. Sneakers for random gym dates are a must, cute sandals for warm days and spring semester are needed, and some cute booties for winter nights on the town are begging to be packed. Take all the pairs you can pack, and you'll be set with any situation you face! 


Packing for school is a cinch when you narrow it down to the basics! Stay simple, stay cute, and most importantly, stay YOU! One of the best ways to make new connections is a mutual love of style. Take yours to school, and add to it as you add to your education! 

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